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    corrupt weapons mode


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    corrupt weapons mode

    Post by SkiLLz_Lv99 on Sat Dec 12, 2009 3:36 pm

    #Corrupt Weapons Mode
    0x00505C14 0x08D05D2C

    gives u every weapon offline
    ;stingers, M7-A3, less lethal shotty, mm1, r303, m303, satchel charge, detonator, binoculars, digital camera

    side effects: weird score changes, satchel charge needs an activation code to use them (hint) think about rapid explosives and binocular needs an activation

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    Re: corrupt weapons mode

    Post by TweNtyEnvY on Tue Dec 15, 2009 2:14 pm

    Heres how for you that havent figured it out. Yes i, took the time to figure this out. Haha.

    1) Turn this on

    #Corrupt Weapons Mode
    0x00505C14 0x08D05D2C

    2) Turn this on before you click on the satchel in weapons menu or else you will freeze.

    #Satchel Activation/Plant
    ;Use with Corrupt Weapons Mode
    0x005FE7CC 0x00000001
    0x005FE7F4 0x00000003

    3) Then you can turn these on

    #Infinite Satchels
    0x005FE844 0x00580558

    #No Satchel Knockback
    0x005FE85C 0xFFFFFFFF

    4) By now i assume in your weapons menu you have chosen the satchel as one of your 3 side options. Now in-game just hold the triangle button until you switch to your satchel.
    -In this mode you can currently plant satchels.

    5) While still in the satchel planting mode you can turn on any of these codes (Choose)

    #Throw Satchels
    0x005FE7CC 0x00000003
    0x005FE7F4 0x00000001

    #Drop Satchels
    0x005FE7CC 0x00000002
    0x005FE7F4 0x00000000

    #Shoot Satchels
    0x005F2608 0x46000000
    0x005FE7CC 0x00000002
    0x005FE7F4 0x00000000

    -You really can just choose what you want and your planting satchel mode will automaticly turn into whatever code you chose.

    If you switch back to another weapon you have to turn off the codes in step number 5 to return to satchel mode.
    When you die you may have turn off and back on Corrupt Weapons Mode and Satchel Activation/Plant when respawned.
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    Re: corrupt weapons mode

    Post by paronormal on Sun Dec 20, 2009 12:33 am

    yo im havin promblems....or that code doesnt work
    ok i get stuck at the part to hold triangle and switch to satchels
    it doesnt work it just locks up my secondary

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    Re: corrupt weapons mode

    Post by Sponsored content

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