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    Create your own Spam Codes


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    Create your own Spam Codes

    Post by TweNtyEnvY on Tue Dec 29, 2009 4:23 am

    Create your own Spam Codes TUT by TweNtyEnvY


    Im bringing this back and giving you a full playbook to show you all the wonders of spamming in-game lol. Most people actually DONT use this code because its a little complicated (not really, more because were all lazy) but this code is actually a very interesting code. Theres an example code i made for my proof below somewhere....

    Here's the Codes:

    ;Just leave on
    ;Sometimes this code does not
    ;have to be turned on to activate
    ;your spam code.
    0x0027752C 0x0A2405FB
    0x001018B8 0x0E32E665
    0x004B9994 0x27BDFFF0
    0x004B9998 0xAFBF0000
    0x004B999C 0x3C1908C1
    0x004B99A0 0x27395F68
    0x004B99A4 0x3C0509A0
    0x004B99A8 0x0320F809
    0x004B99AC 0x24A519E4
    0x004B99B0 0x8FBF0000
    0x004B99B4 0x03E00008
    0x004B99B8 0x27BD0010
    0x00101824 0x0E32E672
    0x004B99C8 0x27BDFFF0
    0x004B99CC 0xAFBF0000
    0x004B99D0 0x3C1908C1
    0x004B99D4 0x27395FAC
    0x004B99D8 0x3C0409A0
    0x004B99DC 0x0320F809
    0x004B99E0 0x248419E4
    0x004B99E4 0x8FBF0000
    0x004B99E8 0x03E00008
    0x004B99EC 0x27BD0010

    Blank Spam Code
    #Blank Spam Code
    0x012019E4 0x00000000
    0x012019E8 0x00000000
    0x012019EC 0x00000000
    0x012019F0 0x00000000
    0x012019F4 0x00000000
    0x012019F8 0x00000000
    0x012019FC 0x00000000
    0x01201A00 0x00000000

    Here are the hex vaules that you input into your code:
    Cap Letters: Lower Letters: Numbers:
    A=41  a=61  0=30
    B=42  b=62  1=31
    C=43  c=63  2=32
    D=44  d=64  3=33
    E=45  e=65  4=34
    F=46  f=66  5=35
    G=47  g=67  6=36
    H=48  h=68  7=37
    I=49  i=69  8=38
    J=4A  j=6A  9=39
    K=4B  k=6B
    L=4C  l=6C
    M=4D  m=6D
    N=4E  n=6E
    O=4F  o=6F
    P=50  p=70
    Q=51  q=71
    R=52  r=72
    S=53  s=73
    T=54  t=74
    U=55  u=75
    V=56  v=76
    W=57  w=77
    X=58  x=78
    Y=59  y=79
    Z=5A  z=7A

    Symbols: Cap Euro Letters: Lower Euro Letters:
    [SPACE]=20      À=c0c3  à=a0c3
    !=21  Á=c1c3  á=a1c3
    "=22  Â=c2c3  â=a2c3
    #=23  Ã=c3c3  ã=a3c3
    $=24  Ä=c4c3  ä=a4c3
    %=25  Å=c5c3  å=a5c3
    &=26  Æ=c6c3  æ=a6c3
    '=27  Ç=c7c3  ç=a7c3
    (=28  È=c8c3  è=a8c3
    )=29  É=c9c3  é=a9c3
    *=2A  Ê=cac3  ê=aac3
    +=2B  Ë=cbc3  ë=abc3
    ,=2C  Ì=ccc3  ì=acc3
    -=2D  Í=cdc3  í=adc3
    .=2E  Î=cec3  î=aec3
    /=2F  Ï=cfc3  ï=afc3
    :=3A  Ñ=d1c3  ñ=b1c3
    ;=3B  Ò=d2c3  ò=b2c3
    <=3C  Ó=d3c3  ó=b3c3
    ==3D  Ô=d4c3  ô=b4c3
    >=3E  Õ=d5c3  õ=b5c3
    ?=3F  Ö=d6c3  ö=b6c3
    @=40  Ø=d8c3  ø=b8c3
    [=5B  Ù=d9c3  ù=b9c3
    \=5C  Ú=dac3  ú=bac3
    ]=5D  Û=dbc3  û=bbc3
    ^=5E  Ü=dcc3  ü=bcc3
    _=5F  Ÿ=b8c5  ÿ=bfc3
    `=60  ß=9fc3

    NOTE: To create your own custom in-game spam you just input the hex's of what you want inside your code BACKWARDS. Here's my example code.

    Completed Code:
    0x012019E4 0x47464D4F
    0x012019E8 0x6E696D61
    0x012019EC 0x6F432E67
    0x012019F0 0x0000006D
    0x012019F4 0x00000000 ---Everything with 0x00000000 can be erased.
    0x012019F8 0x00000000
    0x012019FC 0x00000000
    0x01201A00 0x00000000

    I just filled in the hex values with what i want the spam text to say.

    Etc Etc.

    Just continue as shown above and to save room you can delete the lines that are left with 0x00000000. They do nothing.

    Note: The tip above works for all memes, tags and top room codes as well.

    Completed Code:
    0x012019E4 0x47464D4F
    0x012019E8 0x6E696D61
    0x012019EC 0x6F432E67
    0x012019F0 0x0000006D

    Note: This does freeze you/other players psps when you take a screenshot.

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