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    All in a Days work [Release]


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    All in a Days work [Release]

    Post by TweNtyEnvY on Tue Jan 05, 2010 7:54 am

    I was just doing a few bit searchs and found a few addys for character manager this morning and deceided to work it. Lol. I got a bunch of useless codes but there still something... I guess. Worthless to me but who knows who might use them.

    No face gear option on Custom Characters
    #No Face Gear C1
    0x012f12e8 0x00000000

    #No Face Gear C2
    0x012f1690 0x00000000

    #No Face Gear C3
    0x012f1a38 0x00000000

    #No Face Gear C4
    0x012f1de0 0x00000000

    #No Face Gear C5
    0x012f2188 0x00000000

    #No Face Gear C6
    0x012f2530 0x00000000

    #No Face Gear C7
    0x012f28d8 0x00000000

    #No Face Gear C8
    0x012f2c80 0x00000000

    No head gear option on Custom Characters
    #No Head Gear C1
    0x012f1338 0x00000000

    #No Head Gear C2
    0x012f16e0 0x00000000

    #No Head Gear C3
    0x012f1a88 0x00000000

    #No Head Gear C4
    0x012f1e30 0x00000000

    #No Head Gear C5
    0x012f21d8 0x00000000

    #No Head Gear C6
    0x012f2580 0x00000000

    #No Head Gear C7
    0x012f2928 0x00000000

    #No Head Gear C8
    0x012f2cd0 0x00000000

    No torso gear option on Custom Characters
    #No Torso Gear C1
    0x012f1418 0x00000000

    #No Torso Gear C2
    0x012f17c0 0x00000000

    #No Torso Gear C3
    0x012f1b68 0x00000000

    #No Torso Gear C4
    0x012f1f10 0x00000000

    #No Torso Gear C5
    0x012f22b8 0x00000000

    #No Torso Gear C6
    0x012f2660 0x00000000

    #No Torso Gear C7
    0x012f2a08 0x00000000

    #No Torso Gear C8
    0x012f2db0 0x00000000

    Various Character Manager Codes
    #Missing Gear C1
    ;No face G. torso G. Waist G. Leg. Gear
    0x012ecf80 0x00000000

    #Rename Default Merc 2
    0x0059c430 0x00000000

    #No Torso Gear Op. For all
    0x00981a04 0x00000000

    #No Head Gear Op. For All
    0x009819d4 0x00000000

    #Glitched Right Arm C1
    0x012ecff8 0xF0000000

    #No Waist Gear C1
    0x012ecfd8 0x00000000

    TweNtyEnvYs Quick Save

    This last code is more of a pre-release because there are some bugs that cause it to bring up a message telling you socom must restart itself.

    #TE's Quick-Save
    0x0099e568 0x00000000

    This code skips the "saving game" text and saves without bringing up a message, So like an instant save option. But it does have bugs. Do NOT use online or ad hoc. If your going to use during campaign dont leave on before you enter campiagn.

    If you see any of these codes made already by another person show me proof with a date on it before mine and i'll remove my credits asap. If any of these codes do NOT work tell me and i'll triple check again that i posted the right one lol.

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